Arts-Based Approach to Teaching and Learning

It is impossible to enter any educational space without our bodies, yet continually we render our bodies functionally absent—as a site erased to focus on the cognitive, the mind.
— bell hooks, teaching to transgress 191

I believe a reclamation of connection, community, and personal agency in and through the body is imperative to metabolizing personal+ancestral trauma and building a thriving+just future. I am inspired by the tradition of the arts to strengthen the health of people, populations, and planet. I believe in education and the arts as practices of freedom aimed towards uplifting humanity.

My approach to teaching is grounded in the social constructivists belief that knowledge is constructed through interaction with others. I follow a lineage of participant-centered pedagogy that is influenced by Brazilian writer, activist and educator Paulo Freire. Through the arts and multimodal approaches to teaching and learning I encourage students to think critically, engage fully and treat their neighbors and themselves with care and compassion. I believe it takes all of us to interrupt structural+institutional+systemic power through the cultivation of counter-hegemonic and liberatory thoughts, beliefs, actions and systems. For me, this is a practice I call myself to everyday.

I want to teach students discernment, to question power, and empower them to courageously forge their own path. My hope is that students have a much deeper understanding of not only what they are doing—but how and why they are doing it.

People must be lead to learn rather than be taught to follow.

I must teach you that I have nothing to teach you.
— Jacques Rancière, The Ignorant Schoolmaster: Five Lessons in Intellectual Emancipation 15